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Posted by Laura Swain, 8th June 2020, 13:31pm

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s operations have been severely affected by the current pandemic and so to help retain our employees and reduce the long-term impact on the venue during a time when we are unable to trade, University of Lincoln has opted to take part in the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention scheme and so has placed its staff on furlough. Upon the staff’s return your enquiry will be answered as soon as possible. We are very grateful for your patience and understanding during this time. Please see FAQ’s below: Is the venue open? – Our building is currently closed until at next Spring. When an official re-opening date has been set our audiences will be contacted as soon as possible. When staff will be returning? – At this stage we cannot confirm when our staff will be returning but you can keep updated with all the goings on at the theatre by signing up to our mailing list here or following on social media. Can I book for future events? – At this time we have had to take many of the Autumn/ Winter season events off sale due to the limited staff capacity and the uncertainty surrounding

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Wellness Compass Week Six – Cognition Ignition

Posted by Craig Morrow, 4th June 2020, 20:25pm

Wellness Compass is participatory community project that nurtures wellbeing. It is the people of Lincolnshire’s creative guide to nurturing wellbeing. Keeping our bodies and minds active, healthy and strong, together. Week Six – Cognition Ignition Our inspiration for this project has come from the NHS Five Steps to Wellbeing but this week we are adding our own step – reflection. After spending the past 5 weeks exploring how culture and creativity can support our wellbeing we are taking the time to reflect on what positives we’ve found and how we can carry them with us. Wellness Compass is all about having a go and trying things out, so that we have the opportunity to find something that really works for us over the long term. Although this is the last week our staff will be sharing their ideas and insight, our invitation to you, to contribute towards any episode in this series is now open until 1st July whilst our team are furloughed. To give you some inspiration the LPAC team have shared some examples on YouTube of how they are using culture and creativity to nurture their wellbeing, but this is just to get the ball rolling. What we

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