Flight is the second experience presented by Darkfield, creators of sell out show Séance. It takes place in absolute darkness inside a 40 ft shipping container. Over 30 minutes Flight explores the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, taking audience members through two worlds, two realities and two possible outcomes to their journey. There are many worlds in which this plane lands safely. We are not responsible for your final destination. Programmed by LPAC Producers. ...

Fri 27 Sep 2019 -
Mon 07 Oct 2019


A lost soul lives in a tree. In its branches they feel safe. But now someone else wants to live in the tree too. They feel threatened and vulnerable. Can they live in harmony with a stranger? Or is there something even more scary lurking amongst the branches…? Highly Sprung presents Roots, a bold and beautiful new piece of physical theatre that explores issues of identity and belonging. Set entirely in a six metre tree-like structure designed by Entify, Roots is a highly energetic ...

Sat 28 Sep 2019 -
Sat 28 Sep 2019


What is it to be wild? WILD, the daring new dance-circus production from Motionhouse, explores our disconnect with the natural environment. In our increasingly urban lives, is the wild still shaping our behaviour? Performers use powerful physicality and daring feats to move through an intriguing forest of tall poles. From the top of the pole, life in the canopy looks down onto the forest floor - a dangerous world of unknown meetings. Where do we belong? Do we choose to survive as a lone...

Sun 29 Sep 2019 -
Sun 29 Sep 2019


What’s it like to write a piece of music or have a piece of music written just for you? A unique opportunity to experience this 10-minute immersive performance for two people at a time. Solo tells the story of a celebrated composer writing a piece of music for a virtuoso violinist. You play the role of the violinist and the composer as you follow the story using headphones and are guided around St Mary le Wigford by Michael Pinchbeck and Ollie Smith. Solo was commissioned by Linco...

Tue 01 Oct 2019 -
Tue 01 Oct 2019


A single Dad meets his adopted daughter for the first time. A few days later, he agrees to meet her birth-mother. When their two worlds collide, will what they have in common outweigh their differences? A one-off meeting. But three lives will be changed forever. ON THE OTHER HAND, WE’RE HAPPY is a tender, funny, hopeful play about being a mum when your name is Dad. Written by Daf James, award-winning writer, composer and performer. His first play LLWYTH [Tribe] was described...

Thu 03 Oct 2019 -
Sun 06 Oct 2019


One sister stayed at home to care for Dad. The other set out to ‘make a difference’. Reunited under their childhood roof, Pauline and Rachel unearth more than the 10 years between them. A huge gap. Almost insurmountable. And each is determined to let the other know exactly who has done things right. DAUGHTERHOOD is a beautiful, ferocious play about the bonds that tie us, and how we sometimes need to break them. Written by Charley Miles, whose ‘heartbreakingly tender’ deb...

Thu 03 Oct 2019 -
Sun 06 Oct 2019