Once Upon a time, in a far off Kingdom, a bargain is struck and a young girl is taken from her parents. Locked away from the world "to keep her safe", the young Rapunzel grows up dreaming of adventures and life outside of her lonely room at the top of a tall tower. And as she grows up, her hair grows longer and longer and longer. Adapted from the original fairy tale, this magical musical play explores how the power of love can both blind us and help us see. And it's also about the hair, th...

Wed 12 Dec 2018 -
Mon 24 Dec 2018


“Barry was a cold penguin....” Born into the long nights of the Antarctic Winter, all Barry has ever known is snow, ice and cold. So when he learns that there are warmer places in the world, he sets out on a quest to find the summer sun. But things don’t quite go to plan! A snowy adventure for ages 3 plus from the creative team behind BRRR! THE LOST POLAR BEAR and THE WINTER WHALE.

Tickets: £10 Adult // £8.50 child Family Ticket: £37 = £36* ...

Mon 17 Dec 2018 -
Mon 31 Dec 2018