2018 marks two birthdays; this year Lincoln Performing Arts Centre turns ten whilst Lincoln Central Market reaches the very respectable age of eighty.

To celebrate our birthday we’re engaging in ten residencies throughout the city, sharing cultural activity with our different communities across various spaces, from shops, community centres, libraries and parks. To host one of these residencies at Lincoln Central Market as part of our dual birthday year is a unique prospect and one that offers some special opportunities for exploring an important part of our city and its place within the community.

We have built the MARKET/PLACE project around the theme of a market as a place of exchange, where different communities can come together and trade cultural experiences. Centred on a pop-up arts centre located in a formally vacant stall-space and the open space near the west entrance, this project will invite market users and new visitors to share in creativity and explore what the market means to us all now and what it might become in the future.

Launching as part of our PopOut Festival on Saturday 13 October and running until Saturday 15 December we will present a weekly programme of creative drop-ins, workshops and performance on Thursdays and Saturdays (alongside an interactive exhibition open all week).

The first few weeks of the project will involve us trying different things, seeing what works, what doesn’t; it’s fine to make mistakes and sometimes the best ideas are born out of the unexpected!

As a legacy for the project we would like to establish a community event tool-kit and a database of local practitioners so that Lincoln Central Market can continue to present a vibrant retail environment to a wider range of customers. Alongside this, we would hope to present an idea of how cultural activity can generate a sense of place that can meaningfully inform the Central Market’s sustainable redevelopment.

Most importantly though we’re committed to making sure that this project is produced with, by and for our community and so if you’d like to get involved please contact us via

Supported by public funding by Arts Council England.