Sun 1st Oct - Sun 1st Oct

Devised by Coney “Hello. We’re delighted you could join us. We’d like to recognise that; we’d like to say hello. We are REMOTE. We are here to help you be more like people like you.” Imagine you’re in a theatre of the future, powered by an algorithm. REMOTE is an interactive live game interrogating the politics of choice, and decision-making in an immaterial world, saturated with technology. This is a piece of game-theatre that you play sitting down, and its entirely led by you, the audience. As well as just being yourselves – you are also, together, playing a character, and you’ll be asked to make choices for her. Fusing an interactive script with a live and responsive sound design – REMOTE is a mechanical theatre game. It’s 2017, and we’re a room full of mostly strangers, imagining the future. This performance is part of POP OUT Festival 2018 – Art Outside The Ordinary Start Time: 2pm Tickets: Free (Advanced Booking Recommended) Location: Pop Out Theatre – Waterside Shopping Centre REMOTE was originally commissioned by Theatre in the Mill, supported by Camden People’s Theatre and developed through scratch and residency at CPT, BAC, MAKE Ireland, University of Exeter, and Theatre

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How I Hacked My Way Into Space


Fri 29th Sep - Sat 30th Sep

Unlimited Theatre Told from the Unlimited Space Agency’s mobile “Space Shed”, this is the story of one man’s mission to hack his way into space from his garden shed in St Albans and how even the smallest person can achieve their seemingly impossible dreams. Please note: This event is outside and some seating will be provided. Tickets are FREE and advance booking will be available soon. Start Times: Friday 29 September 12pm & 5.45pm, Saturday 30 September 11am & 12.30pm Running Time: 30 mins Location: Space Shed outside Lincoln Performing Arts Centre Find out more here


Fri 29th Sep - Sat 30th Sep

Tom Adams It’s July 1969. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are on board the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Two of them are destined to be the most famous men on the planet. You are about to meet the third. Michael Collins is on a mission all of his own. Whilst Neil and Buzz muck about moonwalking, Michael has a serious job to do. For 60 minutes, he will visit the dark side of the moon, out of radio contact with the rest of humanity. 60 minutes of utter solitude. 60 minutes to think about home. 60 minutes to examine the nature of existence. And all through the medium of some really catchy tines. And a bit of puppetry. Mike’s Apollo 11 Den is a rocket-fuelled display of musicianship, theatre and comedy. Exclusively for Pop Out the show is taking place in the original camper van that started it all. This van is a beat-making, bass-shaking, electro-funk-machine and countdown is about to commence Start Time: Friday 29 September 2pm, 4.30pm & 7.30pm, Saturday 30 September 2pm, 4pm & 6.30pm Tickets: £5 all tickets (limited capacity) Running Time: 1 Hour (no interval) Location: Apollo 11 Den outside Lincoln Performing Arts Centre*

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Sat 11th Nov - Sat 11th Nov

Publick Transport Morecambe and Wise meets David Lynch in this madcap reimagining of the Brontë myth, presented in Publick Transport’s irreverent and playful style. Taking the real and imaginary worlds of Yorkshire’s literary siblings as their inspiration, two performers combine rigorous physical theatre with anarchic comedy, deconstructing not only gothic themes of love, madness and revenge, but also themselves. Start Time: 7.30pm Tickets: £12.50 Full // £10.50 Concessions // £5 LIVE PASS (Students & Under 26s) Running Time: 1 hour (no interval) Age: 10+


Fri 3rd Nov - Fri 3rd Nov

Stand By Theatre Company in Association with The Lincoln Company Josh finds the outside world a fascinating and frightening place. At a time when he is most vulnerable, a room of forgotten things quickly becomes the perfect place for him to escape reality. His family make a desperate attempt to help him realise there is more to life than photos on a shelf and postcards under the door. This is an honest and uplifting show about fear and the impact our decisions have on those we care about, told through mesmerising movement, poetic text and visual inventiveness.  Start Time: 8pm Tickets: £8.50 Full // £5 LIVE PASS (Students & Under 26s) Running Time: 50 minutes (no interval) Location: Studio 1 Age: 12+


Thu 9th Nov - Thu 9th Nov

Echo Echo Echo Robert has lived a full and happy life. He lives through his past adventures and memories fondly, but when his mind begins to falter, Robert struggles to piece together fact and fiction, the past and the present. Echo Echo Echo return with this physical theatre performance that explores a fragile mind searching for answers and examines how we care and support those at risk of losing themselves. Start Time: 8pm Tickets: £8.50 Full // £5 LIVE PASS (Student & Under 26s) Running Time: 50 minutes Location: Studio 1    


Wed 18th Oct - Thu 19th Oct

Third Angel Lisa had been for a walk in the park Stacey had borrowed her best friend’s dress Faye had collected her daughter from nursery Hannah was in the twelfth hour of a shift with no sign of a break Kirsty knew no-one would believe who she really was Rachael was ready for a fight Linda was on call And Lucy only just made it   Different women from different backgrounds all brought together on one night that would turn out to be a birthday they’d never forget. Partus is a story of love, fear, joy, resilience and bravery. If you’ve had a baby, thought about it, are planning to or know anyone who has, this is the show for you. This is the sex education they never mentioned at school.  A Third Angel and Sheffield Theatres Co-production. Wednesday 18 October 7.30pm Thursday 19 October 10.30am Tickets: £12.50 Full // £10.50 Concessions // £5 LIVE PASS (Students & Under 26s) Tickets: 16+


Sat 30th Sep - Sun 1st Oct

Paines Plough, Theatre Clwyd & Orange Tree Theatre by Sarah McDonald-Hughes Molly cooks. Molly does the dishes. Molly gets her little brother Joe ready for school. Molly is only 12, but she doesn’t feel like a kid anymore. Join Molly, Joe and her Nan for a larger than life story of family, friends and fitting in. Warning: Contains dancing, chocolate cake and an epic car chase. Start Time: 2.30pm Tickets: £8 All Seats // Family tickets £25 (4 people) Running Time: 45 mins (no interval) Age: 7+

Black Mountain


Fri 29th Sep - Sun 1st Oct

Paines Plough, Theatre Clywd & Orange Tree Theatre By Brad Birch Rebecca and Paul are running away. Away from memories and mistakes. They’re trying to save their relationship. They need time and space. An isolated house in the country is the perfect place to work things out. But you can’t run forever. Especially when you’re being followed. Start Time: Friday 29 September 8pm Sunday 1 October 4.30pm Tickets: £12.50 Full // £10.50 Concessions // £5 LIVE PASS (Students & Under 26s) Running Time: 1 hour 10 mins (no interval)  

Everything We Are


Sun 1st Oct - Sun 1st Oct

Lincoln Stage Company Welcome, everyone. We’ve made a show – just for you. For here, for now, and for one night only. It’s about everything we know, everywhere we’ve been and everywhere we’re going. It is Everything We Are. This original piece of theatre – created over the course of just one month – is by a unique pop-up theatre company that you can be a part of. To get involved speak to Phoebe via // 01522 837600. Read the full Call Out sheet here. Tickets: £12.50 Full // £10.50 Concessions // £5 LIVE PASS (Students & Under 26s) Running Time: 1 hour (no interval) Age: 12+