Wed 27th Sep - Wed 27th Sep

Hello there, we’re Little City Creates. What started as an Instagram project has become much more, from tiny origins into a network for celebrating and giving recognition to the artists of our little city. This is our takeover day full of making, learning and networking opportunities. Session Time: Weds 27 Sept 9.30am – 4.30pm Location: Waterside

Star City Creates


Tue 12th Sep - Tue 26th Sep

Join General Practice for their Star City workshops at Waterside…   Tuesday 12 September: Alternate Photography. Use experimental techniques, salvaged lenses and modern day equipment to create unique images. Tuesday 19 September: Video. Experimentation with the moving image… Tuesday 26 September: Foley. A workshop dedicated to the art of reproducing everyday sounds from everyday objects, A skill crucial to all film production. You are welcome to attend all workshops, but this is not compulsory Session times: 4pm – 5.30pm Tickets: Free (advance booking recommended) Location: Waterside

Urban Arts Workshop


Sun 1st Oct - Sun 1st Oct

Are you a future Superstar DJ, Beat Boxer, B-Boy/B-Girl or Graffiti Artist? Come down to Roundabout on Sunday and try your hand at a mix of urban arts. Whether it’s mastering DJ DJ techniques or laying down your own loops as a human beat-box with the team from Noise Academy, popping and locking with our break dance professional, or perhaps trying out tags and murals are more your thing with our resident graffiti artists, there’s plenty to do at Pop Out’s urban arts sessions. Start Time: 10.30am to 2pm Tickets: Free (just drop in) Location: Roundabout Theatre and Outside

Singin In The Round


Sat 30th Sep - Sat 30th Sep

After singing together at the 133rd Lincolnshire Show in the summer, members of Lincoln Choral Society join with singers from the University of Lincoln Choir to present a short concert of songs from folk to funk and classical to pop, plus everything in between. And if the mood takes you, you’re welcome to join in on the day as both choirs are looking to meet new students and singers that are keen to become involved in singing in Lincoln. Start Time: 1pm Tickets: £8 Full // £5 LIVE PASS (Students & Under 26s) Running Time: 1 Hour Location: Roundabout Theatre


Thu 28th Sep - Thu 28th Sep

A very special addition of Script This in Paines Plough’s Roundabout Theatre!   A selection of script-in-hand rehearsed readings of new plays by local emerging playwrights given he professional treatment by a director and team of actors, followed by a discussion with the audience. Start Time: 6.30pm Tickets: Free (advance booking recommended) Running Time: 1 hour Location: Roundabout Theatre

curly web


This show has ended.

Curly Tales Meet Hatty Heronica Hare the First and Topple the Tortoise as they embark on a woodland adventure; to see who really is the fastest animal in the forest… Set in a busy post office, Curly Tales are bringing Aesop’s traditional tale to life with new songs, live music and bundles of audience interaction. The show has been specifically designed for ages 3-6. After the show there will be a chance to meet the characters and an opportunity to take photos. Start Time: 11am & 12.30pm Tickets: Pay What You Feel (advanced booking recommended) Running Time: 45 minutes Location: POP OUT @ Waterside

Three Suitcases


This show has ended.

Rhubarb Theatre set-up shop with some anarchic street-theatre. Meet the Admiral Admirals and other characters as they walk around the shopping centre or watch the scheduled performances below. Saturday 16 September 10.45am – Explorers Galorers! Three intrepid travellers set off on a wild race around the world, armed with a hot air balloon and lots of baggage! Saturday 16 September 2.30pm – The Three Suitcases. Waiting at a station three accidental companions pass the time in amusing, joyful and increasingly silly ways. Start time: 2.30pm Location: Waterside Shopping Centre

storyteling sessions


This show has ended.

Join the cast of Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s studio Christmas show The Winter Whale and last year’s Brrr! The Lost Polar Bear for some mid-morning storytelling fun for ages three and up.   Session Times: Tuesday 12 & Tuesday 19 September 11am-12pm Location: Waterside Shopping Centre

Big Dippers


This show has ended.

Rhubarb Theatre   Sun, sand, seagulls and a magical beach hut? This is no ordinary day at the seaside… Grab your bucket and spade and hold onto your swim-hats as Rhubarb Theatre present a splendid seaside adventure! Start Times: 10.30am & 12pm Tickets: Free (advance booking recommended) Running Time: 30 mins


This show has ended.

Join us at Waterside Pop-Up for some live music. A mixture of classical and contemporary, these session are an ideal way spend a lunchtime. Start Times: Wednesday 20 – Friday 22 September 1pm Running Time: 45 Minutes Tickets: Free Entry (just drop in)