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“A zine (/ˈziːn/ ZEEN; an abbreviation of fanzine or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier. A popular definition includes that circulation must be 1,000 or fewer, although in practice the majority are produced in editions of fewer than 100, and profit is not the primary intent of publication” A zine fest or fair is where zine makers and readers come together to sell, trade and share their DIY wares. Come along to Studio 1 from 11-4pm, to see what zines are all about. Entry is free! We hope to see you there! Start Time: 11am-4pm Location: Studio 1 Tickets: Free entry

Chris Packham


This show has ended.

***PLEASE NOTE -This event is now fully booked. Great Minds is organised by University of Lincoln Events // events@lincoln.ac.uk // 01522 837100 UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN GREAT MINDS SERIES TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham is a wildlife expert, photographer and author with a passionate concern for conservation and the environment. Chris Packham was appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Lincoln in April 2015 and continues to share his expertise with both our students and the local community. Chris will explore the wild side of Halloween with a free-to-attend public lecture where he will discuss how bats live and explore the vital ecological role they play. With support from the Bat Conservation Trust, of which Chris is President, the talk will give audiences the chance to observe a live demonstration of pipistrelle bats. All About Bats and Owls is part of the University of Lincoln’s flagship Great Lives free public guest lecture series, which aims to provide inspirational insights into different aspects of society – from the entertainment world to elite sport. This Great Lives lecture is now fully booked. Start Time: 6pm (arrive at 5.30pm) Tickets: FREE (these are not available through Lincoln Performing Arts Centre – please visit

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