FUTURESHOCK is Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s response to Frequency 2017, Lincoln’s Festival of Digital Culture, which takes place across the city 20-29 October (frequency.org.uk). During Frequency Festival, we will be exploring the role of analogue or ‘obsolete’ technologies within contemporary performance practice.

For this first analogue ‘fringe’ we have programmed three artworks that engage with the on-going potential of analogue technology in arts and culture. Throughout the fringe we aim to celebrate the value of ‘old/obsolete’ non-digital processes through sited work, public interventions and performance events; some are rough-and-ready repurposed artworks others more polished integrations.

The fringe is not intended to place value-judgements on digital and non-digital practices, nor set them in opposition; rather we view FUTURESHOCK as a forum to promote the benefit of alternative and forgotten media within a wide, diverse palette of creative possibilities, placing an emphasis on artworks where digital and non-digital technologies operate in a dialogue to explore the human experience.