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Wellness Compass Week 1 – Distanced: A Social Guide

Posted by Craig Morrow, 30th April 2020, 22:15pm

The people of Lincolnshire’s creative guide to nurturing wellbeing. Keeping our bodies and minds active, healthy and strong, together. Over a six-week period from Friday 1 May 2020, participants are encouraged to document themselves undertaking cultural and creative activities, and to submit these short videos as part of a mass-participatory community project that nurtures wellbeing. Week One – Distanced: A Social Guide – NHS Step 1: Connecting with other people Our inspiration for this project has come from the NHS Five Steps to Wellbeing and week one’s theme is Staying Connected. If you’re using creative activity to keep in contact with friends, loved ones, and your wider community we would love to see your short video diary demonstrating what you do and why. It could be a quiz night, a virtual pub, or a shared creative video project. To give you some inspiration the LPAC team have shared some examples on YouTube of how they are using culture and creativity to nurture their wellbeing, but this is just to get the ball rolling. What we are really interested in is the approach of our community members. We want to hear your stories, hear see creative adventures and learn from your

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Wellness Compass Submission Guide

Posted by Craig Morrow, 30th April 2020, 10:00am

Each week we will focus on one of the NHS 5 Steps to Wellbeing and how culture and creativity can help us nurture wellness together. Each week we are asking you to capture yourself on film enjoying a cultural and creative activity and how it relates to the step of that week. Week One: Distanced: A Social Guide – NHS Step 1: Connecting with other people (submissions open 1 May 2020) Week Two: NogginJoggin – NHS Step 2: Be physically active (submissions open 8 May 2020) Week Three: Use Your Loaf – NHS Step 3: Learn a new skills (submissions open 15 May 2020) Week Four: Neighbourhood Knowhow – NHS Step 4: Give to others (submissions open 22 May 2020) Week Five: Contemplation Station – NHS Step 5: Pay attention to the present moment (submissions open 29 May 2020) Week Six: Cognition Ignition – Long term wellness: Continuing creative wellbeing in a sustainable way (submissions open 5 June 2020) All submissions should be received by 1 July 2020. HOW TO CREATE YOUR VIDEO First Step Try and position your camera so that it is recording in landscape format and make sure that the space is well lit (depending on your

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Watch Online: This Week’s Streaming Guide (26 April 2020)

Posted by Craig Morrow, 26th April 2020, 11:00am

Welcome to our regular What’s On section during Lockdown compiled by our Artistic Director Craig Morrow: For this Lock-in Guide we’re going in hard with the Shakespeare. Renaissance theatre is a passion of mine and given that 23 April was the anniversary of the Bard’s birth it seems fitting.   To commemorate this theatrical red-letter-day a wealth of great performance has been released or re-released online and so I thought I’d take the time to pick out some personal highlights. BBC CULTURE IN QUARANTINE The BBC has curated an iPlayer box set of Shakespeare, from the RSC and Shakespeare’s Globe’s archive, along with a special adaptation of Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet Romeo & Juliet, filmed on location in Hungary.   SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE ONLINE Alongside the productions of The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream available as part of the BBC’s offerings, Shakespeare’s Globe productions are also available via their YouTube Channel   CBEEBIES’ A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Fairies, magic, celebration and comical confusion in a fantastic introduction to Shakespeare, available on iPlayer!

Wellness Compass Project Announced

Posted by Craig Morrow, 24th April 2020, 20:17pm

CHANCE TO TAKE PART IN NEW CREATIVE WELLBEING PROJECT On Friday 24 April Lincoln Performing Arts Centre announced the launch of its WELLNESS COMPASS project. Led by venue producer Dawn Richmond-Gordon, this community project is a fun, enriching, creative guide to finding wellbeing together, and is looking for local participants. You would be mistaken for thinking that with the closure of theatres, museums, libraries, and galleries our access to creativity has become limited, when in fact the flurry of artistic activity since Lockdown proves that it is all around us and always has been. It is in this spirit of cultural democracy that Lincoln Performing Arts Centre invites you to participate in a project celebrating creativity in the everyday. Participants are being asked to document their creativity in series of videos inspired by the NHS Five Steps to Wellbeing, with submissions set to be collated into a final artwork and wellbeing guide – a community resource for now and the future. In a time when our appreciation for the NHS is at the forefront of our minds, it seems very fitting that we recognise the NHS’s longstanding and sound guidance for wellbeing, not only during this difficult time, but always.

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Posted by Craig Morrow, 3rd April 2020, 12:42pm

Although the current season is a write-off we’re not letting COVID-19 get us down and so we are taking time to plan ahead for the future. There’s been some discussion about what shape the autumn/winter season should take, about whether we should scale things back or whether we should carry on as we would have; in such uncertain times it’s unclear what the right choice might be. One thing is certain, however, even if we scale back our programme we won’t be scaling back our ambition. PopOut Festival Associate Producer Kate Newman is already pulling together some exciting plans for this year’s event, running from 26 Sept – 9 Oct, working with our Artistic Director Craig Morrow to plan pop-up performance in a number of new sites around the city. “We’re really hopeful that we can pull off something special,” says Kate, “PopOut Festival is all about taking creativity outside of traditional theatre spaces and we’ve some really great ideas that we want to bring to fruition in unusual places so stay tuned for announcements.” Craig agrees, “Lincoln Performing Arts Centre is all about working with our communities to make our city our stage and PopOut is the perfect way

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Posted by Craig Morrow, 3rd April 2020, 11:59am

Dawn Richmond-Gordon, our Young Audiences & Engagement Producer launched our Online Youth Theatre this Friday, 3 April 2020. Normally at this time of year our fantastic group of creative teenagers would be working together towards their July show from one of our rehearsal rooms, but the coronavirus pandemic has understandably put a stop to that. However, from this week our participants will be able to join us from their homes, on their phones or computers; engaging in group conversation, writing and reading scenes for their show (still scheduled for July) and sharing feedback. As Dawn says: “It’s not the same as being in a room together but it’s not too dissimilar from the way we would usually work together during the creative process. Our young participants always take an active leadership role in devising the show’s content and this online approach allows us to continue to collaborate.” These online sessions take place every other Friday, and on the Fridays, that they do not meet, the youth theatre members undertake tasks ready to share at their next session. It’s great that technology enables the group to stay connected and enjoy a collective creative project together – we can’t wait to see

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The Fun Palace Trail

Posted by Laura Swain, 27th September 2019, 10:58am

The Lincoln Fun Palace Trail will be taking places across 6 venues. At each venue there will be a question to answer and a prize for everyone who answers all the questions correctly. Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LN6 7TS) The Collection Usher Gallery (in the education room) (LN2 1LP) Lincoln Library (LN2 1EZ) Mansions of the Future (LN5 7EQ) Lincoln Drill Hall Theatre & Arts Centre (LN2 1EY) Fabric Corner and The Craftea Cafe (LN5 7HW) Usher Gallery (Education Room) 11:00 – 14:00 Colourly Creatives Messy Art Experiment (3 hour drop in session) aims to bring accessible art workshops to children of all ages in the Lincoln area. Come and join their large scale messy arty experiment, there will be paint filled pendulums and fizzy art. Incredibly simple, ridiculously fun and easy to recreate at home! LPAC 10- 10:50 Dexter and Winters Detective Agency (Roundabout Theatre) 10 – 10:45 Stand By Theatre Workshop (Studio 2) Create and Share with Stand By Theatre Company Join local Theatre Makers for an hour of play and creativity as we share stories through drama workshops and mini-performances. 10:30 – 12:30: Bridge Building Can you make a bridge using just lego or paper and bull

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SOLO | An Innovative Immersive Audience Experience

Posted by Laura Swain, 9th September 2019, 13:57pm

Co-commissioned by Lincoln Performing Arts Centre for Frequency Festival 2017, Solo was first performed at The Blue Room at The Lawn, Lincoln and has since toured to other intimate, non-theatre spaces. We’re delighted to welcome back this mini-theatrical gem for PopOut in the historic setting of St. Mary le Wigford Church. In this interview Michael Pinchbeck and Ollie Smith share their influences behind the creation of the piece. Tell us about you – who are you and what do you do? We’re solo artists who have been collaborating together on theatre and performance projects for around a decade. The first piece we made was a two-hander called The End – and it became one part of a body of work called The Trilogy, along with The Beginning and The Middle. We try to find new and unusual ways of creating audience experiences, often with the audience themselves at the centre. We are also interested in the role of music in telling a story. What inspired you to make this show? After The Trilogy we made a second triptych of shows inspired by three musical compositions by Maurice Ravel and their connections to war. The first show Bolero was about the

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WILD | Outdoor Theatre vs Traditional Theatre

Posted by Laura Swain, 9th September 2019, 13:48pm

Motionhouse is a dancecircus company that tours extensively around the world. Their jaw-dropping show BLOCK wowed PopOut Festival audiences in 2018 and so we are really excited to welcome them back this year with their brand new show WILD. Our Artistic Director Craig Morrow spoke to Motionhouse’s Artistic Director Kevin Finnan MBE about this exciting new piece. CM: Hi Kevin, it’s great to have Motionhouse back – how has the show been going? KF: It’s been really well received at festivals as diverse as Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival in London and Stockton Riverside Festival and been performed to audiences of 20,000. The show is still very new so a bit early for reviews but we’ve had great audience feedback with particular praise going to the powerhouse performers. CM: What’s the inspiration for WILD? KF: With WILD, I really wanted to talk about our relationship with the environment. I’ve often been struck by the contrast between the wild environment and the urban environment and I’ve been thinking a lot about how humans originally came from the wild but now we have become urbanised we are actually missing out on a deeper connection with that environment and

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ROOTS | From the Makers of Urban Astronaut!

Posted by Laura Swain, 9th September 2019, 13:43pm

Highly Sprung was formed in 2002 by Sarah and Mark Worth to produce narrative driven physical theatre. Based in Coventry and often working with younger audiences and performers, they created their first outdoor show in 2012 and were the company behind PopOut 2018’s mesmerising Urban Astronaut (see page 3). Here they talk about the creation of their new show Roots. “Roots was made in response to Brexit. We are devastated that the decision to leave the EU has led to a rise in hate crime and unpleasant nationalism. We work closely with refugee communities in Coventry where incidences of public discrimination are becoming more common and so we wanted to make a piece that challenges negative perceptions. Mostly, we wanted the message of commonality to be heard, after all we, are all human, it is often only circumstance that draws the differences between us. For those that saw Urban Astronaut last year Roots has a similar feel, with audiences recognising the style of the piece, and there is a sense that it could be taking place in a different part of the same world. There is no promenade aspect to this show, however. Instead, this year the whole piece is

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