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A Distant Christmas: Digital and Live Performance in 2020

Posted by Laura Swain, 1st December 2020, 10:52am

The release date for A Distant Christmas is approaching, so let’s get to know some of the tech team who have been working on transferring live performance to an augmented reality app. Steve Chambers What is your production role? I’m the stage manager at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. My role this year in A Distant Christmas was filming all off the green screen footage that you will see within the application that launches in December. I was also involved in sourcing some of the costumes that will see the production. What excites you most about the production? The thing I was most excited about within this production was using the green screen because I’ve not had any experience in using a green screen before. Having worked in theatre all the time we don’t do much filming so that was quite nice to be able to research that and learn a new skill. What is your favourite Christmas story? A Christmas Carol, and my favourite version on film is The Muppets. I think that’s great version of that story. Ethan Peck What is your production role? I am the stage manager Stage manager for A Distant Christmas. What excites you

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A Distant Christmas: Rehearsing in 2020

Posted by Laura Swain, 20th November 2020, 16:16pm

Rehearsing in 2020 is different. How will the show be staged? How do we perform without touching? Another cast member in isolation…again?! Usually, the path to performance is a long and straight one, however not in the age of Coronavirus. The uphill hike to performance is uncertain and daunting for all creative teams at the moment. With that said, there are still many aspects of working on a production that remain the same, despite the obstacles. As undergraduate Drama students in our graduating year, we are expected to demonstrate a high standard of professionalism. Learning our lines, working with the director on character development and with the professional production team to bring the story to life through costume and technical effects are all still par for the course. We knew, going into this rehearsal process, that there would be obvious minor barriers such as wearing masks and socially distancing for all cast and crew in a studio space. These seem like small and obvious points but, as performers, we did not initially think about how these challenges would affect the production, especially in the rehearsal stages. It soon became apparent that we would need to spend many more hours tweaking

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