This show has ended.

Séance is a 20 minute presentation in complete darkness.

We will not prey upon the paranoid, the bereaved, the credulous, the wide-eyed, the weak or the inbred…in return we ask you proceed with an
open-mind. Séance is an entertainment only and we cannot hold the medium responsible for the

The performance takes place in a shipping container in absolute darkness and lasts for 15 minutes.

Programmed by LPAC Young Producers, By Glen Neath & David Rosenberg. Performed by Tom Lyall. Supported using public
funding by Arts Council England.

Tickets: £5 All Tickets

Start Time: Wed 3 October 6-9pm, Thurs 4 – Mon 8 October 1-4pm & 6-9pm (Occurs every 20 minutes)
Running Time: 15 minutes (no interval)
Location: Shipping Container outside Lincoln
Performing Arts Centre

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