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“I’d watch you eat. I’d eat you up. You’re not like them, are you? You’re real.”

Lori is a professional chef. Bex waits tables to make ends meet. One night together in a walk-in fridge and the rest is history.

Lori has big plans, but Bex is struggling. If we are what we eat, then Bex is in real trouble. It’s not her fault though – the system is rigged. No-one on minimum wage and zero hours has the headspace to make their own yoghurt.

HUNGRY is a new play about food, love, class and grief in a world where there’s little left to savour.

Start Time: Thursday 7 October 6.30pm & Sunday 10 October 7.30pm
Tickets: £12.50 Full Price  // £5 LIVE PASS (Students and Under 26s)
Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes approx. (no interval)
Age: 12+

Location: Roundabout Theatre

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