NEWVOLUTIONS is Lincoln’s annual festival of new performance.

Every New Year Lincoln Performing Arts Centre presents a micro-season of work-in-progress by local and regional theatre makers, dancers and choreographers, performers and artists offering audiences an informal opportunity to have a say in the creative process.

Each showcase follows two weeks of intensive workshops and rehearsals held in our studios and auditorium and can range from ideas at different stages of evolution, with the smallest embryo of a new idea sharing the nest with pieces that are almost fully fledged.



Applications are open to artists and companies based in Lincolnshire, the Midlands, the North of England and East Anglia. If you have the embryo of a show or an innovative new idea that needs some space and/or technical resources to develop, please submit:

  1. a CV
  2. a short proposal (maximum two sides of A4), outlining:
    • available dates between 4 – 25 January 2019 (audience sharing w/c 21 Jan)
    • a synopsis of what you want to explore
    • what you hope to discover through the process
    • why this sort of initiative is right for you
    • what sort of support you might need e.g. level of rehearsal time, access to performers/ technicians etc.
    • There is a small contribution towards expenses/developmental costs of up to £250 available for selected applications, please outline how you anticipate making use of this in your application).

Successful proposals will be selected on the nature of the idea and our ability to present your work in a way that is beneficial to your creative ambition. Put all of this in one document (Word or PDF), and email by 9am Monday 19 NOVEMBER 2018. We look forward to hearing from you.



January 2017

  • The Magpie And The Yorkshireman – Full Frontal Theatre
  • MA Dance Showcase
  • MA Drama Playwriting Showcase
  • Work In Progress – Push to Shove Theatre Company
  • What’s Bothering You? – Playback Theatre
  • The Room At The Top Of House – Stand By Theatre Company
  • As You Like It – Lincoln Stage Company
  • An Attempt To Recreate – Simon Panayi
  • Auto Pilot – Six & 2 Threes

January 2016

  • The Passion of Pedro Comacho – Dende Collective
  • MA Dance Showcase
  • MA Drama Showcase
  • Hansel & Gretel – Push to Shove Theatre Company
  • The Concept Of Love – Conceptual Arts Theatre Company
  • The Room At The Top Of House – Stand By Theatre Company
  • Getting Better Slowly – Adam Pownall
  • The Moon and Me – Egg Box Theatre Company
  • Shooting Fish Theatre Company
  • Moon Mission 54321 – Cross Cut Theatre
  • Hold Me Close – Martyn Bignell
  • Cartography // Casket Case – Flickbook Theatre

January 2015

  • Dende – The Passion of Pedro Comacho
  • Flickbook Theatre – Three Words
  • Dawn Richmond-Gordon – Performing Fragments
  • DvT & Performance Lab Explore – Making A Scene
  • MA Drama Showcase
  • Michael Pinchbeck – The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment
  • Script This – He(ART) by Andrew Maddock
  • Script This  – Clench by Sean Cook
  • Rhubarb Theatre

January 2014

  • Box Clever Residency
  • Karkinos Theatre Company – Cut & Space
  • Unexpected Places – From Scraps
  • Mysteries Drama Group – Playback Theatre
  • Joana Cifre-Cerda
  • Free Spirit Dance – Fade To Black
  • Launch Pad – MA Playwright Showcase

January 2013

  • Alex Kyle – Desk’s Caress
  • Script This – Nina Woods (Nothing); Darren Brealey (Separating the Dust); Emma Chadaway (Toast); Marietta Kirkbride (The Free Bus); Joshua Rivett (Eighteen)
  • Paul Sellar – The Midnight Coup
  • Ian & Jane – Everything Beautiful Is Stolen
  • Jennifer Manderson – The People Next Door
  • Instant Dissidence – Clothe/Unclothe
  • Flick Ferdinando – The Architect Of The Idiot
  • Shooting Fish – The Robot
  • Jimmy Osborne – Maisie Says She Loves Me
  • Ollie Smith – Cat In Hell
  • Eddy Dreadnought – Fortune
  • Michael Pinchbeck – The Middle
  • Priya Mistry – Experiments In Performing Sound

January 2012

  • New Voices 2012 – Jimmy Morehouse (Room 105); Sarah Roberts (Twos); Danny Wilcox (The Chicken & The Egg); James Hallam (Hope).
  • Shooting Fish – Explorations Of A Serial Killer
  • Mike O’Hare – Nursery Rhymes
  • DirtMarket – (you don’t even know the name of) The Thing You’re Stealing From Me
  • Kerry Francksen – Shift
  • Rhubarb Theatre – Little Cuckoo
  • Nina Kov – Copter
  • Capo Fero – The Bear
  • Jimmy Osborne – A Permanent Change
  • Adaire To Dance – Coffee Shop Culture