Our Vision

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s vision is to be an (inter)nationally important creative hub at the heart of a thriving and resilient theatre and performance ecology in Lincolnshire.

Our Mission

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre is a vibrant, contemporary arts organisation and venue that provides opportunities for creative exchange between artists, audiences and academia.

We seek to delight and inspire our diverse communities by promoting great performance at the heart of the city – offering the best in presented and self-produced work, whilst nurturing the next generation of artists, practitioners and producers.

We work tirelessly to connect existing and new audiences with performance and to encourage innovative and meaningful ways for our communities to engage in creative activity.

As part of University of Lincoln situated within the College of Arts we’re committed to supporting the work of Lincoln School of Fine & Performing Arts, upholding the University’s vision, values and objectives and engaging with its mission to be ‘“a university looking to the future” where we serve and develop our local, national and international communities by creating purposeful knowledge and research, confident and creative graduates and a dynamic and engaged workforce.’