Sunday Sessions  The Roberts-Lakeman name has become synonymous with “quality” during their musical careers. Kathryn’s sublime vocals merge seamlessly with Sean’s deft and inventive live guitar-work on stage.

Start Time: 8pm Running Time: 1 hour 50 mins (inc. interval) ...

Sun 07 May 2017 -
Sun 07 May 2017


An exciting event show casing the conceptual creations of graduating BA Fashion studies students. Lincoln Cathedral’s Chapter House offers a striking contrast to fifteen contemporary collections. We recommend bringing a cushion or blanket due to the original cold stone seating! 2pm Open Dress Rehearsal (Free Admission, Booking Still Required) 7.30pm £10 All Tickets   Tickets available to book online here or at Lincoln Performing Art Centre's Box Office. Tickets can be...

Fri 12 May 2017 -
Fri 12 May 2017


Charlotte: the writer, the actor, the person. Her life is situated in one room, in large ancestral halls with yellow wallpaper that has moving patterns and not much else. There’s a chair, a chair in which she feels safe. The chair she goes to when she's scared. This story is about her. Her real life and the story she writes. This is the story of a film of a story of a life: The Yellow Wallpaper. There are people who come and go and in the end only one of them stays. Charlotte...

Mon 15 May 2017 -
Mon 15 May 2017


Fragment Theatre Company   “Think of escapism like sugar or salt, you can sprinkle it on top of your life to make it better but too much will ruin the whole thing” Ever tried to get away from everyday life? Or wanted to feel free for a few brief seconds? Exit This Way is a meta- theatrical exploration of an aspect of our lives that goes unnoticed but plays a huge role. From the worries of having to face your future to the struggle of finding that perfe...

Fri 19 May 2017 -
Fri 19 May 2017


Rubbish Theatre  A man. A bike. An Orchid. If All You Had Was An Orchid, what would you do? Obsession, fixation, mania. Have you ever cared for something so much, it begins to distract you from what’s really important? Taking inspiration from urban myths and psychological studies, Rubbish Theatre presents the inner psyche on stage in a way you have never seen before. Rubbish invites you to porous our instillation before ‘If An Orchid Was...

Mon 22 May 2017 -
Mon 22 May 2017


Pin Hinge Collective    An office, a promotion and a tin of dry batternberg.   Kalopsia is the story of seven people working together… for the most part. He wants her, she wants a pay rise, the printer’s jammed and the handyman is walking on the moon.   Be dragged up (or down) the ‘Ladder of Success’. Don’t worry, it’s been risk assessed. Delve into the delusions of each individual as they wrap themselves in the notion that ...

Tue 23 May 2017 -
Tue 23 May 2017