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Fragment Theatre Company


“Think of escapism like sugar or salt, you can sprinkle it on top of your life to make it better but too much will ruin the whole thing”

Ever tried to get away from everyday life? Or wanted to feel free for a few brief seconds? Exit This Way is a meta- theatrical exploration of an aspect of our lives that goes unnoticed but plays a huge role. From the worries of having to face your future to the struggle of finding that perfect body, Exit This Way shows that there can be both positives and negatives to escaping your problems and provides a place in which together we can get away.

Fragment Theatre Company’s debut show presents the journey of escapism, and the effects it has on you, the everyday person.


Start Time: 7.30pm

Running Time: 1 hour

Age: 16+

Tickets: £7 Full // £5 Concessions